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A short story of Bummy. By Boogle.

Name Description
Bummy Pure legend, known as the bearded shroud, but is better than shroud
Stacknasty Complete perv, trys to get into Boogles moms pants.
McGreyBush Not worth giving a description
Boogle A streamsniper, uses a voice changer to sound like a seven year old. Refers to bummy as dad.
Andyking A friend of bummy's, neat kiddo.
Dab420710 Dab, constantly high and likes to dab. Decent at PUBG.
Mr. Galaxy Mr. Galaxy, gets near 50 assists a game.
Snipa(Jake) A friend of bummy, hates Boogle
Slothy Hater, hates all, but hates Boogle the most.
LURN Bummys wife.
KarinMarie Coming soon.
TyStick28 passive, doormat, sarcastic AF, best clipper ever.
Rodmoon Wants to ban Boogle for being better than him.