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The Weapons of PUBG

There are a total of 32 primary/secondary weapons in PUBG. There are nine assault rifles, four SMG’s, one hunting rifle, four bolt-action sniper rifles, six DMR’s, two LMG’s, four shotguns, and seven pistols. There are also forty-two attachments to customize your gun to your liking, four different grenades and four melee weapons, and a crossbow. A list of weapons is below.

Firing a gun is simple, hitting people is the hard bit. This game is easier than most, you just have to get recoil control down and you're fine. There are attachments that can make your life easier. Such as a grip, or a compensator. Theres nothing hard to understand about the aiming, line up your shots and fire. It can be easier if you have a sight or scope.

All the weapons(A big list)